Certified Iridology Instructors


How to Become an IIPA Certified Iridology Instructor?

Instructor Certification Procedures

An IIPA Instructor Certification identifies you as having attained a standardized level of education excellence. This status inevitably sets you apart, as clients and students would feel confident selecting you, knowing you have undergone some intense training and a high-quality education.  The following requirements are for all IIPA Certified Iridologists who are interested in becoming an IIPA Certified Iridology Instructor:

  • Be an active Certified Member of IIPA.

  • Pass the IIPA Examination with a minimum of 90% in each section.

  • Complete the Instructor Certification Application form and send in payment fee.

  • Observe a Level I and Level II class with an IIPA Certified Instructor.

  • Practice Iridology for two (2) years and upon completion, provide a signed Affidavit of that practice and evidence of a minimum of 50 Iridology Consultations. Send in three (3) examples of your Iridology consultations, with pictures and consultation notes, findings and suggestions.

  • Attend the IIPA Annual Symposiums.

  • Write an article for the IIPA Newsletter once a year.

  • Conduct an Instructor Practice Teaching demonstration for the Evaluation Committee at an IIPA Annual Symposium. Each Student Instructor will be given 3 topics to choose from for their Practice Teaching. (For our members outside of North America, a Skype presentation may be an option, please contact the Central Office for further information.) The scoring for the Practice Teaching will be:

90% and above - Pass
 80% and above - Pass with optional Instructor Mentorship
70% and above - Pass with compulsive Mentorship

Maintaining your active IIPA Certified Iridology Instructorship:

For an IIPA Certified Iridology Instructor to maintain his/her Instructor status, an Instructor is required to:

  • Maintain an active membership with IIPA.

  • Meet the Certified Iridologist CEU requirements.

  • Attend an IIPA Symposium and the Symposium Instructor Meeting at least every 2 (two) years. (If the Instructor does not appear at Symposium he/she may purchase DVDs of IIPA Symposium to meet this requirement. After three (3) years, the IIPA Instructor credentials will be revoked.)