Certified Iridology Instructors


Kathy Norris is a certified Iridologist, foot Reflexologist and owner of Family Farm Health Food Store.  She has been practicing Iridology for the past 20 years and studied under Dr. Benard Jensen and Micki Jones.  Family Farm Health Food Store has been in successful operation for 40 years and Kathy has grown the store to new levels in the past 18 years of ownership. While visiting a friend in 1995, Kathy noticed the "big blue Iridology" book written by Dr. Bernard Jensen.  Curiosity overcame her and she bought the book from her friend.  Three weeks later she was taking her first class on Iridology.  She went on to actively study this mode of natural health and has a thriving practice today.  Kathy believes in taking a common sense approach that shows a person where they have come from and where they are going.  She uses Iridology to create a roadmap to help her clients find solutions to lifelong problems and concerns.  Kathy feels she personally grows with each experience with her clients and values the rewarding opportunity to teach and learn through every session. Kathy has a D.Ir. from the Holistic Health College and holds various certifications in nutrition and Herbology.  She is certified in Reflexology through the International Institute of Reflexology. Kathy resides in Houston, Texas and enjoys golf, fishing and racquetball in her spare time.

Houston, Texas 77375
United States
Phone Number: 713-582-2963
Email Address: knorris@iridologyfusion.com