Certified Iridology Instructors


Gino Bellinfante is a certified Iridologist and Dean of The College of Natural Health Sciences. He has been treating people from all over the globe at his clinic, Insight Iridology in Montreal, also home to the Quebec IIPA office. Gino attained his Bachelor of Science from Westbrook University under the direction of Dr Ellen Tart Jensen and has served as a former IIPA Board member. He has also been instrumental in translating both Italian and French for Iridology research. Gino has been privileged to co-author the book “Spiritual Qualities in Iridology” with Dr. LoRito.

6364 Beaubien
Montreal , Quebec H1M 3G8
Phone Number: 514-354-6201
Email Address: ginoinsightiridology@hotmail.ca
Website: www.insightiridology.com or www.centredesolutionsante.com