Certified Iridology Instructors


Sheryl Strom is a traditional naturopathic doctor and registered nurse. She is board certified as a holistic nurse with the American Holistic Nurses Association. She graduated from Clayton College of Natural Health with a doctorate in naturopathy for health care professionals. She also graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with an emphasis on teaching. Sheryl has experience in several areas of nursing but specialized in dialysis for 10 years. Currently she is employed as a non-invasive cardiac care nurse focusing on stress testing patients’ hearts and counseling them on lifestyle changes. Sheryl integrates her nursing and natural health practice so that the patient benefits from both worlds. Sheryl has a private practice where she sees both English and Spanish speaking clients with varying ailments. Sheryl is a teacher by nature and has taught English to Spaniards while living in Spain, as well as Spanish to Americans, natural health and aromatherapy classes, Iridology classes and multiple in hospital educational private classes including death and dying, as well as natural health. Sheryl is a certified iridologist and certified to teach levels I and II Iridology by IIPA. She originally studied iridology under Dr. Bernard Jensen and has since been re-educated by Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen. Currently, Sheryl is working on the long application process and recognition for IIPA by the American Holistic Nurses Association. Sheryl enjoys raising her three very energetic children and standard poodle with her husband, mindful mediation, regular exercise, and gatherings with friends and family. She calls Colorado home.

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