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Nancy is certified through IIPA, as an iridology instructor, and iridologist who also studied under Ellen Tart Jensen with Bernard Jensen International. She is certified in Nutrition, Herbology, and Muscle Testing through the California Board of Registered Nursing, also Health and Nutrition with The New Eden School of Natural Health. She is President and founder of Iridology Life since 2009 and her purpose is to teach and enlighten someone with the knowledge of Iridology and nutrition that can help people with the benefits of health awareness through preventive health. Nancy studied and worked in different areas with health and wellness for many years. Her interest in preventive health was brought on with her life experience as a teenager, from major complications during a minor operation which caused severe hemorrhaging, and required daily blood transfusions for weeks. One year later she was completely paralyzed from a virus in the nervous system, which also damaged her lungs and heart. There were concerns of being in a wheelchair for life or not making it at all. Four doctors misdiagnosed her, till she was carried into her fifth doctor by her new boyfriend which is her husband till today. This doctor combined his medical knowledge along with alternative methods, never thought of 45 years ago. He combined mega doses of B1 (thiamine) and B Complex through intravenous treatments. She later learned that he lost a family member to this crippling syndrome that 1 out of 100,000 people get and couldn’t except what he missed as a doctor and studied alternative methods which he used on Nancy, proving she had a Vit B1 deficiency He saved Nancy from a life of severe disabilities. His advice to her was to protect her nervous system, lungs and heart through which were severely damaged by this syndrome. She says she thanks God every day. She found Iridology 9 years after her dad’s passing. Ironically, Iridology honors her dad and her uncle. They both were breeders of champion race pigeons and horses. They looked into their eyes with their eye magnifiers and light and gave them the nutrients that were needed to make them champions. I don’t think they knew they were already doing animal Iridology. Nancy is honored to follow in their footsteps with the human eye. Who knew all this was going to lead Nancy into her life’s purpose. Nancy Rondone Email: info@iridologylife.com Website: www.iridologylife.com

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