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Considered a missionary in the advocacy of natural healing in her native country, the Philippines, Ma. Elizabeth Micaller has been passionately sharing the benefits of being close to nature for over thirty years. At a very young age she found out that in order to be able to meditate effectively, one had to have a pure diet and eliminate meat, which made her turn vegetarian and found out the promised benefits of keeping one’s diet pure and simple with foods as found in nature. Elizabeth’s love affair with Iridology started the very first minute of her class with Dr. Bernard Jensen in 1987. From that special day to this minute Elizabeth has continued to master everything that the eye can reveal. Millions of minutes have been devoted to studying, analyzing and compiling data that has resulted to a very comprehensive textbook than she has published for both instructors and students alike. She has also developed her own Iris Chart developed from the data of all the past charts she has studied, from her first mentors chart, Dr. B. Jensen, to the charts of Dr. J. Deck of Germany, Dr. .E Velkhover of Russia and many others. She has also compiled a list of the various scientific evidence for the validation of Iridology as a Science, and this is part of the textbook she has completed. Currently, she is the guiding hand of the many comprehensive and student Iridologists she has mentored in the Philippines and neighbouring countries in Asia. She helped organize the “Comprehensive Iridology Practitioners Association of the Philippines” or CIPAP and this group is now actively working with the Philippine Government for the accreditation of the Science of Iridology as an accepted diagnostic or analytical tool for Alternative Medicine. Her expertise and experience in Natural Healing is evidence by her stint as a director in the governments arm for natural healing called PITACH or Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care and her current position for many years now as a Board of Director of PCAM or Philippine College for the advancement of Medicine, the leading organization in the Philippines for natural healing modalities. Elizabeth continues her love affair with Iridology and Natural Healing and she has expanded from just teaching Iridology to setting up the Philippine Institute of Naturopathic sciences (PINS) which was the very first Institute to be recognized by the country to accredit Naturopathic Practitioners. Elizabeth has completed many textbooks used in her Institute including the companion textbook “Comprehensive Iridology”, “Scientific Validation of Iridology”, “Fundamentals of Naturopathy”, “Nutritional Medicine”, “Natural Assessment Tools”, “Moving from Illness to Wellness” and “Capture Perfect Health”. IIPA honored the many achievements of Elizabeth in the field of Iridology by declaring her as “The Iridologist of the Year” in 2013. Unit 404 Richbelt Towers 17Annapolis, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila Philippines Phone Number: 063- 917-812-1949 Email Address: emicaller@gmail.com Website: www.pins88.org

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