Certified Iridology Instructors


As the proprietor of Peek Iridology, I’d like to introduce myself. I was born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I attended Idaho State University as well as Eastern Idaho Technical College where I received my Associates of Applied Science Degree. After graduating at the top of my class, I became a Certified Medical Assistant. I have spent the last 15 working in physician offices caring for patients. In 2005, I moved to Jackson Wyoming and started working for a Holistic Internal Medicine Physician. I currently still work in the field. Iridology was introduced into my life at a young age. My little sister was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was 4 years old. The doctors told my parents there was nothing that could be done but to put her on medication for the rest of her life. Knowing that was not an option for my sister, my parents found an Iridologist named Randy Anderson. After analyzing my sister’s irises she was able to strengthen and heal some imbalances of her body through supplements and diet. To this day my sister has never had another seizure. I knew someday I would like to be able to help others in a way Randy did my sister. A natural approach to achieve optimal wellness has always been a passion of mine. It is my ambition, as your Iridologist, to create an exceptional experience centered on your needs and wellness. With my compassionate nature, understanding, respect and confidence it is my genuine concern to help create personalized wellness within. Please allow me the opportunity to analyze your body’s weakness and strengths through your irises. The eye is the window to the soul.

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