CEU Requirement Program


The CEU program began retroactively January 1, 2014 for all active IIPA Comprehensive Certified Iridologists. Those certified after January 1, 2014, will have a certification due date of two years after their anniversary date in which the Certified Iridologist received original certification.

IIPA is one of many non-profits throughout the nation that award CEUs to participants of approved programs.  IIPA Comprehensive Certified Iridologists will be required to accumulate 20 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU's) over a two-year period.  CEU's may be earned through IIPA by attendance at the Annual IIPA Symposiums, IIPA monthly webinars or pre-approved by the IIPA Board of Directors. This program also allows those that are currently in other professions, allopathic or naturopathic, to use a percentage of their CEU’s in conjunction with IIPA’s opportunities. Of IIPA's required 20 hours of CEU's, 50% (10 hours) can be made up of these other CEU credits. Of these course credits, only 50% of the credit will apply to IIPA.

Please complete the IIPA CEU Registration form for each of your CEU courses and send these to the Central Office. Each member will track their own CEU progress utilizing the IIPA CEU Chart provided below.

The IIPA Board of Directors along with worldwide IIPA Instructors knows the importance of staying on the forefront of Iridology. It is our goal to see Iridology recognized as a true science among naturopathic practices within our industry. The purpose of this program is to help keep the Certified Iridologist up-to-date in knowledge of Iridology terms and definitions, research and development and education within the science of Iridology. We feel that continuing education within our organization is paramount for a self governing structure and growth of this natural health practice.