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Lin starting as a voluntary wellness teacher in a cancer society and has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in Naturopathy, conducted more than 1000 of seminars about organic diet, holistic detoxification, Iridology, music therapy and Chinese meridian approach of health. With the great interest in Iridology, she started actively studying “the interrelationship between Asian Iridology and diet and lifestyle” and “what the iris can tell about our character.” 

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Ocean Chua has been actively involved in Iridology and Naturopathic Medicine since 1996. Over years of studying and practicing, Ocean Chua is the Certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine by ANMCB ( The American Naturopathic Certification Board), Certified Herbalist in Malaysia, and the IIPA Certified Iridology Instructor. Ocean Chua has also developed a systematic yet interesting way of iridology teaching for Chinese-speaking groups, helping them to equip with a good diagnosis tool in their career. Ocean Chua is also running the Detoxification Centers and Vegan restaurants in Malaysia. "Food can heal, food can kill", Ocean Chua is currently applying herbs in diet, helping people to regain health via "herbs in, toxins out" concept. No 56-1. Jalan PPM 4 Plaza Pandan Malim. 75250 Malacca Malaysia. Tel: +60163113113/ +606-3373133 Email: oceanchua@yahoo.com

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