Certified Iridology Instructors


Kianna Smith is a certified iridologist, instructor, consultant and author of “Iridology, A Handbook”, a textbook used nationally and internationally by iridologists and a natural health college. She teaches Comprehensive Iridology (SM) classes and mentors those who wish to become certified iridologists. Kianna is the former Director of the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) Certification and Standards Department. Kianna combines the science of iridology along with her gentle intuition and other methods of iris readings to bring forth each client’s unique health tendencies, gifts, skills, talents and purpose in the world. Kianna has a BA in adult education and is certified in life purpose hand analysis to bring more wholeness to all aspects of one’s life. Having worked in the computer industry for 22 years in the US and overseas in a prior career, Kianna brings a practical, useful approach to iridology, nutrition and lifestyle and through hand analysis helps people to understand their life purpose. Kianna specializes in nutrition for the diabetic.

13035 Scofield Farms Drive
Austin, Texas 78727
United States
Email Address: kianna.smith@prodigy.net