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Dr. Ta-En Lo had his western medical training in Chang Gung Medical center in Taiwan. He has nearly 30 years of clinical experiences. Dr. Ta-En Lo started the first group practice union clinic in Taiwan on 8th August 1995. He introduced immunotherapy into Taiwan from Europe, as well as intra-vessel helium-neon laser therapy from Germany and Russia in 1994, and he is the first physician to reinforce patients’ immune system with immunology and energy therapy in Taiwan. In 1995, Dr. Lo introduced High-voltage Electric Magnetic, ionized therapy from Japan to treat insomnia, relieve pain and swelling. Dr. Lo began studying physical Iridology in 2006 and combined his knowledge of Eyeology with patients’ medical history and symptoms during diagnosis. To take a further step, he intended to search for statistic meaning required for evidence-based medicine. In 2010, he finally found the way to predict risks of cardiovascular occlusion from the presence of “cholesterol ring of Iridology signs”, and he corrected the classic interpretation in European and American iridology (see more details in the Journal of Chinese Medicine). He compared it with the Framingham risk score and derived a formula from the changes shown in iris, which is exactly the same as the Framingham risk score. Dr. Ta-En Lo founded the Taiwan International Iridology Medical Association (TIIMA) in May 2012 and dedicated himself to academic studies and medical training of Iridology in Taiwan. He published the first Chinese book of Iridology in August 2013—"Holistic Eyeology ~ Introduction to Iridology". It provides the beginners an introduction and complete concept of European and American Iridology. At present, Dr. Ta-En Lo practices medicine in Chiayi city in Taiwan, and he has treated more than one hundred and twenty thousand patients. In his clinic, he practices both western medicine and immune and energy therapy, using flower essence and nutrition detoxification to treat patients. The number of patients treated with evaluation from Iridology and Sclerology is around ten thousand, and Quantum and Metatrone equipment are used to track patients’ conditions. Dr. Ta-En Lo’s clinical experiences includes: 1. Using immunotherapy to promote immunity 2. Using personalized probiotics to treat allergy, autoimmune disease and cancer 3. Using bamboo pellet, antrodia camphorate, cordyceps militaris,…etc. neutraceuticals patented by Taiwan government for detoxification, especially chronic diseases, chronic renal failure, cancer 4. Using light therapy, frequency therapy, and energy therapy to treat chronic diseases and cancer 5. Using Hyperbaric Oxygen, Ozone, Hydrogen therapy to treat chronic illness and Anti-aging

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