Certified Iridology Instructors


Diane began her study in 1997 with the Bernard Jenson style of Iridology. Graduating in 1998, receiving her master’s designation. Her studies began after 18 months of traditional medical testing where she was told “get ready for a wheel chair and learn to live with the pain.” Nutrition was also a component of her studies. In 2002 she upgraded to the international style of Iridology with IIPA. This began her teaching component. She has taught at Mohawk/McMaster in the CE Health Sciences department as well as private classes. Currently Diane has returned to school to obtain her degree in homeopathic medicine and medical health sciences of which she will add to her Iridology practise. Diane was awarded the 2006 Iridologist of the Year award for outstanding contributions to the field of Iridology by IIPA. As well as her Iridology practice, she is a professional speaker and corporate trainer. Her dream is to build a natural wellness center where all, no matter your financial situation may come for total wellness.

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