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Alicia has been in private practice for over 38 years, now utilizing her time and experience in teaching and certifying practitioners, mentoring, and educating the community on the alternative and complementary health modalities. She is certified in IIPA Iridology, Emotional Iridology, Sclerology, Hypnosis and Regression Therapy, Shamanism, Herbology, Flower, Gem and Tree Essence Therapy, Energy Balancing, and Spiritual Counseling. Alicia is the owner of Natural Approach to Health, Minerva, Ohio, a business designed to distribute herbal products and essences–both via wholesale and retail sales, through its website and natural health store. She maintains a private natural health practice, and is a certified instructor. Her certified courses include:“ Running a Successful Natural Health Business”, IIPA certified Physical Iridology Levels I and II, Emotional Iridology, Herbal Detox, Herbal Protocols, Canadian Forest Tree Essences, Body Synergies Essences, and Gem Essence Therapy. Alicia is the U.S. distributor of Living Light Gem Essences and Canadian Forest Tree Essences as well as the Educational Director for Canadian Forest. She serves as the Educator/Trainer for Blessed Herbs regarding their cleansing kits. She has served as Assistant Educational Director in charge of Instructors for the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA), and is a past member of the Mind Body Spirit Connected (MBSC), in Cleveland, Ohio, an organization which works with the Integrative Medical Services of the Cleveland Clinic. Alicia has written the curriculum for the Emotional Iridology and Essence Therapy courses. She is the author of “Create A Healing” taped series, “A Journey To Healing – A Guided Meditation” and “Deep Dark Secrets Behind Every Dis-ease” CDs, and “You’re Dead and You Don’t Even Know It” – A Book on Soul Evolution. She has recently developed her own line of essences called Heart and Soul Essences. The first kit is a Soul Detox kit with 4 essences and instruction booklet. Alicia is a long-standing member of IIPA, National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, National Guild of Hypnotists, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Association of Area Research and Enlightenment, The Foundation for Personal Growth and Understanding, and the International Sclerology Institute.

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