The International Iridology Practitioners Association is the best accrediting body for Iridology in the world. IIPA is an organization for the Iridologist. Through IIPA, a person can learn relevant, up-to-date Iridology based on clinical research from around the globe. IIPA was founded for the purpose of increasing and diffusing knowledge concerning the art and science of Iridology and to provide a forum for the exchange of information and research with the goal of promoting excellence in international Iridology standards. IIPA's vision is to have Iridology integrated into the healthcare system worldwide.

What is IIPA?

The International Iridology Practitioners Association is a registered, non-profit organization, founded in 1982. It is governed by IIPA members who volunteer and make up the voting Board of Directors. Their role is to disseminate materials and help set the professional standards present today in the field of Iridology. For decades, medical practitioners considered different facets of natural medicine, including Iridology, to be inappropriate approaches to natural health and healing. We at IIPA have the valiant efforts of Dr. Bernard Jensen, as well as other iconic pioneers, to thank for saving Iridology from extinction. This organization was originally called the National Iridology Research Association (NIRA), but the name was changed in 2000 to better reflect our international reach. In 1993, the organization attained its non-profit tax-exempt status.

Why an IIPA Certified Iridologist or why become Certified by IIPA?

IIPA is an organization that has developed official standards of practice designed specifically for the field of Iridology. IIPA Certification Courses incorporate the highest standards in Iridology based on research and clinical studies from around the world. As a Certified Iridologist, you are held to a high ethical moral as it relates to this healing art. Each modality should have a uniformed governing body, and Iridology does. Because we are an international organization, we have the ability to streamline important pieces such as dialogue and vocabulary, and keep them uniform regardless of language differences. Certification from IIPA identifies you as having attained a standardized level of education excellence. This status inevitably sets you apart, as clients would feel confident selecting you, knowing you have undergone some intense training and a high quality education.